Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall falls on Murphy Dome

First snow expected soon! But ,as I heard on the radio, it won't stick, and "skiable snow" won't come for another month or so. I'd never heard that phrase before--"skiable snow"--and I like it. It reminds me yet again of what a communal experience small-town life is, especially when our lives revolve around the seasons, which are shared by all of us.

Another Only in Alaska Note, from the church newsletter, section "Upcoming activities":
"1PM Harvest Dinner, bring a dish to share, something you caught, shot, picked, ran over, etc."

Aaaaanyway, without further ado, here are our Fall colors springing to life.

This is my morning commute:

I don't think I will ever see a more beautiful sight than our trees in the Fall, shrouded with discrete patches of fog.

This is the main trail off the top of Murphy Dome:

This is Murphy Dome exploding with color:

Linden hanging out while I pick cranberries:

And Autumn looking regal in her namesake surroundings:

The crowberries were ripe, too, so I picked half a quart:

I'm not that crazy about them, but there are so many that it seems a shame not to pick any.

The tundra in glorious fall:

It was so clear we could see Denali:

And the familiar shape of the Eastern Alaska Range:

Murphy Dome Road:


mdr said...

Almost time for the reflective tape.

Arvay said...

Yup, and as soon as it stops raining, I shall get it done! (Humidity is bad for adhesives.)

mdr said...

Simon Shelby :)