Friday, September 18, 2015

Booger sez

My vet said he got almost all of my tumors this time, and he's much happier with this surgery and he thinks they might not come back any more!

Look! I'm cute! And I can fold in half like a pocket knife!

And please pet me!

And I'm cute!


gina said...

Wonderful news !!

bt said...

Such great news! yay!

mdr said...

Great and hope dogs are well until their rabbits days. I still say those two rabbits treated you the best.

Arvay said...

Oh mdr! Health issues are not chosen by oneself and don't count as "treatment" toward one's caregivers. Besides, when you love someone, caring for them is a pleasure. In Booger's case, the pleasure is obvious even to those who do not love her... she's a walking, bouncing ray of sunshine and joy. :)