Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fall is falling! And getting wet!

On Friday, I noticed that the brilliant yellow leaves had been falling off the birch and aspen trees, and that fall was doing its namesake thing:

DL had been putting a TON of work into Chez Fuzzies, cutting brush, chopping out more stumps, and leveling the dirt. Yellow leaves decorated the newly flat front yard:

From the roof of the power plant, I could see that the hillsides were starting to lose their brilliance, although the autumn light still had that magical, spun-gold quality:

As I stopped for a train crossing, I thought it might make a nice photo. Unfortunately, the light was ahead of me:

I had a craving for apple pie, so I made an apple-lingonberry pie:

On Sunday morning, we woke up to giant clumps of warm, wet, sticky snow falling down:

It melted within a few hours, and the water blended in with the mud.


rena said...

Making the first apple pie of the season down here in Cupertino.
It's not as picturesque...well, nothing down here is....but it's pie!

mdr said...

Had you been born in a semi to true wealthy family, you could have run bakery shop(s). You are a natural in the area.

Arvay said...

@mdr, even when C and I were little, and mdr hardly made any money, we were "wealthy" by the standards of 90% of the planet. It's a testament to mdr's good budgeting that I never realized we were "poor" until I was older. Anyway, I think whatever deprivations we had helps me appreciate earning nice things myself nowadays (or just buying what I want without waiting for it to go on sale). I'm especially thankful for my simple upbringing when I see kids nowadays with so many toys and clutter, and they seem really spoiled, and seldom actually content with what they have. I'm thankful I was not brought up like that!

I also think that my career, as it is, is not a bad one. I've never wished to be anything but an engineer. I like to cook and bake, but NOT in large quantities. In fact (and maybe you don't know this about me), I don't even like to cook with other people. I like my little space in the kitchen to work and to have everyone stay away! I mean, it's nice if someone sits with me and chats while I cook, but I don't want them sticking their hands and elbows in my work space; it gives me anxiety. :) Professional restaurant kitchens, and bakeries, all require some joint, cooperative cooking, which I could not abide! :)

@rena: I hadn't made an apple pie in years, but one of my neighbors has been burning cinnamon candles, which made me crave one!

mdr said...

I thought you like "baking yummies" more than engineering, my mistake. I like baking a lot over engineering myself. You see, another example people don't know how other people think and often assume things, even between families.

Enjoying your job is a true blessing.