Monday, September 28, 2015


Well, so much for early skiing! The beautiful snow dump we got on Friday was followed by warm temperatures and raaaaaaaain, so we are back to muuuud, sloppy wet puddles, and gritty doggy feet. There is ankle-deep standing water in some spots in the roads, where remaining slushy snow has formed miniature dams. My running shoes aren't water proof, so I put my feet into baggies for my run.

Good times.

The girls say, "No difference to us! We don't mind having wet paws."

Here are some couchal photos:

Booger: "My stitches come out in two days now! Then I'll get to do the Booger Boogie again!"

Autumn's sweet gaze:

Starbuck, the Roo:

"Hi, pawpaw. Here are my pawpaws."

Nia came over yesterday to play in the slush:


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