Monday, September 7, 2015

Lovely Fall

I spent about six seconds doing a cursory search for some Fall-related poetry for y'all, but I realized almost immediately it'd be irrelevant. Most Autumn poetry contains imagery of pumpkins and apples and grapes, and haybarns full of hay, and we don't have those things. There are also images of death, but I don't think of winter as death... it's just a time to do other things! Well, I suppose one food-related fall sign we have is that the rhubarb finally stops growing! I made a classic strawberry-rhubarb pie:

I had extra crust at the end, so made some lemon marmalade pastries (thanks, Rena, for the idea!):

It had finally been not-raining for several days in a row, so DL and I decided to get back to splitting and stacking our neglected pile of green wood. Last winter was so mild that we are way ahead on firewood; the pile we are working on now will be for 2016-2017 winter!

My old wedge is all mushroomed. DL said he needs to grind off the edges for me; otherwise they might break off:

Yes, materials science students, cold working a ductile metal makes it more brittle:

Obligatory pretty fall photos:


The Dignified Leaaders (TM) on the cowch:

Maybe not so dignified. SCHNOZZLE!!

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Anonymous said...

That pie looks so good that I can almost smell it!
L.R #8