Monday, September 21, 2015

Notes from Here and There

1) The reintroduced bison are bison-ing. This article contains a photo of them with one of the brand new behbehs!

2) The PFD checks will be $2072 this year, despite the plummet in oil prices. The PFD amounts are based on a 5-year rolling average of a diversified stock portfolio that is not entirely based on oil prices.

3) "Fairbanks Formal" apparently means you can go NEKKID!

I love this town!

4) Linden, the cute Booger:

5) Here are photos from our Lindenless walk last weekend. Miss Booger was couchbound and wearing a cone. It's exceedingly difficult to get Booger to rest her leg. I take her out on a leash to poop, and she stots and pronks and prances from her leash!

Autumn in the full glory of her namesake camouflage:

My pretty girl:

Without Booger, we could stop and ponder this pond of rotted muck. I wonder what is down there? We suspect a rotting mastodon from the Ice Age, or a portal to another dimension.

Linden wants to play in this muck, so when she is present we run past it while shouting at her so she is so entertained by running that she temporarily forgets about the pond:

'Twas a bit nippy this morning:

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