Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Last night and through today, we are getting more wet, sticky snow:

I'm not a fan of running in snow boots, so I've decided upon this as a solution:

Starbuck sez, "My pawpaws are good for all weather! No baggies for me, thanks!"


e. davis said...

Wow, that brings back memories! About a dozen years ago I was doing this back in Chicago to keep my feet dry on winter runs - along with the thermal socks & the rest of the winter gear:) Guess it will be easier once the trails freeze up;)

Arvay said...

I made this discovery in Seattle! It works great!

e. davis said...

And it doesn't even have to snowy & sloppy! If it ever rains here again I'll be out there with the baggies over my socks again - nice & dry :)

Arvay said...


b said...

I do this for Sierra, but the problem is the bag gets all this condensation on it on the inside (from sweat?) I can't believe they don't make gore-tex (or similar) running shoes!

Arvay said...

@b, they absolutely do! But they don't do any good when you step into a puddle that is taller than your ankle! (yech!)

This is only a problem that exists for me for a few weeks per year. In winter, it's too cold for liquid, in summer, puddles drain away and do not get to ankle depth.

Right now it is solid slush. Ugh!