Tuesday, September 1, 2015

These old Levi's

The other day, I was putting away some summer shorts and sandals and digging out some fuzzy sweaters and found these old jeans, which I finally decided to retire to the rag bag:

I bought these jeans from the Berkeley Ross Dress for Less, in 1997. They were my last pair of Levi's, before Levi's went all fancy-pants and started adding boot cuts, low waists, lycra, and fancy trimmings. I've been a Carhartts girl since then. These jeans have seen me finish three engineering degrees, leave two abusive relationships, run five marathons, and finally find my place in the world in a simple home with the loves of my life (human and dog). These jeans have paint splatters from when I painted my loft the color of a summer Alaskan sky. And my neighbor, who took it upon herself to be my surrogate Alaskan mom, patched the first hole.

The stories jeans tell! Please feel free to share yours in the comments! Also, please feel free to share your thoughts about whether I am abusing an apostrophe every time I type "Levi's". I can't decide. It feels wrong, but it's how the corporation writes it. I can justify it via some insane logic that I needn't trouble you with, though.

In other news, it's a lovely early fall day:

After three straight weeks of rain, mud, and muck, I finally bought new Muck boots, so of course the gorgeous weather comes out!


mdr said...

Was it your other hand or you fat on the tummy?

Arvay said...

My dear mother, it really upsets you to see me living my dreams, doesn't it? Could it be because they are my own dreams for myself, and not your dreams for me? Don't be upset... you should be proud! Only with a solid foundation beneath them do people feel confident enough to decide on their own paths, leap off, and fly!

mdr said...

Please not to think too much into things.. I simply meant that picture does not look clear to me, I cannot see your other hand in that picture and I thought it could be your other hand OR could be some "fat" you gained with the good food and all the office sitting, just like all the other office workers.

You used to have a tiniest waist with very flat stomach/tummy. My memory about you still remains in your 20's...I guess. After all, I have only seen you 7 times since you moved to AK, not much image of you with your new looks. How do you look now in person?

Arvay said...

@mdr, I'm not sure how to respond to this. I'm ashamed to admit that my first reaction was to want to take some photos in a fitted dress to "prove" that I still have a nice figure, but that's really wrong.

My second reaction was to want to explain to you that even if I were fat, I'm still healthy and happy and reasonably attractive, and so you should "forgive" my "fatness". That's really wrong, too.

I have nothing to prove and nothing to ask from you regarding approval or forgiveness.

I even doubt you sincerely think I am fat. I'm wearing jeans that I bought when I was 20. What's really bothering you is not that you think my looks are fading, not that I live in Alaska, not that I live in a dry cabin, not that I have a job you disapprove of.

What you find deeply offensive is my actual existence as a separate human being with a separate brain and separate ideas and opinions. This is not my problem to fix. I won't stand for your meanness and nastiness.

e. davis said...

Yes, if old jeans could talk! Still have a pair from Old Navy bought in 1998- they were well loved and worn -went through two cross country moves; countless painting and gardening projects and lastly resurrected for a "Howloween" party as part of the costume. (Wish I could share the fun pic I have, it doesn't appear I can upload it.) Anyhow, they should be retired, but I still have them tucked away - just in case:)

Arvay said...

@e.davis: Awesome! The greatest thing about jeans is that somehow it's socially acceptable to wear 'em worn out. :)

e. davis said...

Thank you:) I have not met you, but feel like I know you (a bit at least) through what you share with us about your life in your blog. To me, it looks like you are livin' the dream - most importantly yours! Cheers, have a great weekend!

Arvay said...

@e.davis: Why, thank you!