Friday, January 27, 2012

Brrr, baby, brrrr!

No records yet, but January has been cold in Fairbanks

Oh, c'mon, Minor News! No records at all? You've just stopped trying? How about informing us that this is the January with the most days below -12.5 in a leap year, not counting years with new moons? Or that this is the January with the longest stretch of days below -15 when we have a President in the White House with an odd number of letters in his surname? Hmmmmm? C'mon, you can usually come up with something!


mdr said...

thanks for posting your picture, you look healthy and beautiful.

Rena said...

And we have been unseasonably warm. Spent the weekend down in LA and it hit 75 during the daytime. In fact as we drove through Burbank on our way out of town we had the A/C going because it was nearly 80. I don't know how the central valley farmers will be able to water their fields this summer. Expect that food prices will be astronomical this year. As if the current economic climate wasn't gloomy enough already!

Arvay said...

Moms always think you look beautiful. :)