Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holy Brrrr!

Both my old home and my current home are in deep brrrrrrrr!

I have to say that my -40 quality of life has improved much of late. Firstly, I'm burning nothing but nice, hot birch. Secondly, I've really gotten clothing down pat, and I've found that I can still run a few miles at -40. And finally, my dogs have grown really thick fur around their paw pads, so they, too, can run a few miles at -40. I really cannot fathom what it'd be like to be completely homebound. That would suck.


mdr said...

Be very very careful on the road, it must be very icy.

Rena said...

Wow, that -is- cold! Seems like you've been in the super-low temps for quite some time now. Glad that you have good firewood and sensible clothing and happy animals. When living in cold Wisconsin, I remember hearing rumors of trees that "exploded" due to freezing sap - don't know if such things can actually happen, but it sure made for some interesting late-night conversations.

I would guess that the roads are not icy at all unless temps come up above freezing. Instead, I expect they'd have a nice squeaky coating of snow, if anything. A bit slippery, but more like driving on a thin layer of sand, not nearly as bad as ice. But Arvay, you're the expert on snow physics and treads - you ought to do a posting on what it's like to drive on the different kinds of ice and snow up there.

Arvay said...

Oh yes! We have much better traction when it's cold.

As for trees exploding, I've never seen it, but maybe they are referring to *unseasonal* cold, when trees that are still running full sap suddenly freeze?