Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Eats

I'm lucky to have grown up in San Francisco, because the combination of Asian, Mexican, and Italian cultures has given me such wonderful things to eat! Here are my latest food exhibitionism photos. These seem to be trendy nowadays, no? I see food photos pop up on my Facebook feed quite frequently.

Finishing up my pot of frijoles de la olla and Spanish rice the day before my Chinese New Year party. Gotta finish the pot to make room for the new leftovers that I know are coming!

Also need to finish: the beets I had roasted several nights ago. You can eat whatever bizarre combinations you like when you live alone!

The next morning, I had finished the rice, but still had a small bowl of beans, which had to, you must realize, vanish by that night. No problem--I made some tortillas...

(I make them Tex-mex style, with baking powder, because I like the charred bubbles.)...

Then smooshed the beans:

... added tomatoes and cheese, et voila! Brunch is served! And I seem to be spilling into another language, but whatever. Melting pot! Yay!

The day after the Chinese New Year party, I found this bee-yoo-tee-ful spinach in my fridge...

So put it into plain chicken broth, and had it with quesadillas and a leftover chicken leg from my New Year roast chicken.

(I love how Linden's hind end is lined up with her pepper shaker on the table in the above photo.)

I've become accustomed over the last few days to having a roast chicken sitting my in fridge. I've been scavenging off it for almost every meal. This might become a habit... Roast a chicken once a week, have enough bones for stock every two weeks. It all sounds nice!


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I'm so envious of your cooktop! Although if I had one here I'd only be able to use it 1 or 2 months out of the year :-{

Nice spinach!

I too use the leftover roast chook and it's carcass. I get 4 dinners in a row for 4 people (you'll note that is 16 individual "meal units") out of one 2 kilo chook.

Arvay said...

Dingo Dave, you should do a blog entry on that! I only came up with three chook cycles; I'd love to see how you come up with four!

mdr said...

That fire place is the best grill for tortilla, it must taste so good. I saw chef made tortilla on that kind of iron grill in a Mexican restaurant in San Diego.