Monday, January 30, 2012

Photos from Le Week-end of Le Brrrrrrrrrr...

Friday evening, I walked across campus to attend the memorial service of Dr. Sentman, and arrived looking like this:

Saturday morning, I was cooking oatmeal on the wood stove, then looked up and saw a mama and behbeh moose:

"Follow me, behbeh!"

Leap, behbeh, leap over the deep snow!

Mama looks impatient:

I felt the same twinge of guilt that I feel when I see homeless people in San Francisco and Berkeley. I was in my nice warm cabin eating oatmeal, while they were out in the deep cold:

eating willow twigs:

My girls assumed the huskyball position:

I woke up in the wee hours of Sunday morning a touch too warm, so I threw off my top blanket and went back to sleep thinking, "Oh, good, it's getting warmer." 'Twasn't so. I got up later that morning to the coldest temperature I had ever seen:

I rebuilt the fire quickly, too quickly:

Ack! I slammed the dampers shut, then made cranberry bread for my young neighbor F's 17th birthday party:

I used tangelo zest instead of orange because that's what was on sale.

And last night, I made the observation that the girls had grown the fuzziest winter feeties I had yet seen:

Here are some selections from the Minor News for your reading pleasure:

Save the whales! (I love the photos, and I don't think it's at all weird to care for animals that you also eat. We in the Interior care for our moose.)

There are runners nuttier than I am! My Coldest Acceptable Running Temperature (CART) is -40. :)

Th-th-th-th-that's all for today, folks!


flying fish said...

Love the husky balls then the furry feet! I had the old dog in Anchorage one year when she was still a hardy winter walker, I was amazed at the length of her toe fur.

I'm going to have to get another dog soon, I miss making the daily observations.

mdr said...

That moose was thinking how sad that you were inside the small cabin instead of munching twigs out there like them. God or whoever made them for that environment, just like huskies for that environment and hairless dogs like Copper in Mexico

Arvay said...

@FF: You miss the daily observations? I'd miss the company!

@mdr: How very astute! :)

Rena said...

Mudder cracks me up - yes yes, us poor humans that have to stay indoors because of our thin delicate skin. And we're not constantly surrounded by delicious twigs that we can eat.

Sometimes my three hens sit on the roof of their henhouse and look in our windows. I know they'd actually like to come in because they associate our presence with yummy treats and get all excited when they spot us. They probably think our house is full of food. Glad your moose don't make that association! Yet another reason not to feed the wildlife, right?!

Vanessa said...

Your eyelashes have icicles... BRRR...

Debs said...

I love all the photos today. We saw a taxidermied moose at a local museum the other day, and I can see why you have to be careful. It must have been about 6ft to the shoulder, and T wanted to know why we can't keep one in our garden!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

"huskyball" Love it!

flying fish said...

Oh I miss her company and her on going commentary on the absurdity of humans as well as the daily observations of dogness! She was a cantankerous dog from start to finish, I have to find just the right one to take her place. In the mean time I have this new found ability to travel without getting a house sitter that's willing to walk miles with a grumpy old dog.

It's strange not having to hurry home after work.

Arvay said...

@FF: Your late dog sounds like a combination of several of my current and past pets!