Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The things you don't think about until they occur...

A week ago, I had a moment of inattention while slicing green onions, and cut a finger pretty badly. I cleaned and bandaged it, and the next day went to the University Health Center to have them look at it as well. They did a better job with bandaging than I did. Anyway, it's healing up nicely, but one thing I hadn't realized is how coooooold my pinkie would get when walking around outside See, my fingers usually snuggle together inside my mitten, and now my pinkie is thermally isolated:

Brrrr... Poor pinkie! Please wish me a speedier healing so my pinkie can snuggle again!

Here is a time lapse video of all of the people wanting to take their photo by the UAF sign when it's in the -40s:

And here is a photo of two husky configurations. They can be folded or extended, at your convenience.

Also, also: I've concluded that Yahoo weather sucks:

From now on, I'm a NOAA girl.


mdr said...

Get healed soon by -- staying clean and not to strain it. It is good to keep your fingers.

Be very careful in the future. Don't drive, use knife or tools when tired or stressed.

Arvay said...

So on evenings when I am tired, I shall eat... hot dogs! :~D

mdr said...

Hot dogs with my secret vegi -- green peas, never go without frozen green peas in your freezer, for a variety, green peas with carrots :-)

Debs said...

Loving the time lapse one ;-)

Everyone here is taking photos of their friends standing in front of -10C displays (that's cold for us).

Vanessa said...

How about bandaging pinkie too?