Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lovely, lovely!

It's been so nice and warm this weekend, and the girls and I have been skiing, running, and skijoring to our hearts' content.

The good thing about ultra-cold weather is that there are no after effects. You might curse and grumble as you build up the fire, but as soon as temperatures come up, forgiveness is instantaneous--life resumes as normal. On the other hand, after an unacceptable warm spell, the recovery is slow, and bad. A layer of ice can remain on the trails and on the roads for a long time, potentially until the end of winter! After a cold snap, well, no problem! Off we go to ski! Yay!

Oh, here is today's temperature:

(You'll note that I added the Kelvin scale. ;) )

Ayyyyyy! That is dangerously close to the danger zone, yes? But temperatures in town have been 10-15 F degrees cooler, and temperatures in town tend to precede temperatures chez moi, so there seems to be no danger of a meltdown.

The Yukon Quest started this weekend, but I didn't attend the start since I was too busy enjoying my own dogs to go look at others'. :) Here are some excellent photos though. It would appear that my Linden has actually been out-goobered. Check out this gooberdy beast! Linden now has to give up her crown as Gooberdiest Sillypants Dog in Alaska. She surely must cede to him!

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mdr said...

I say the dog from image 6772 gets to be the funniest dog