Friday, February 3, 2012


So yesterday evening, this occurred:

It only lasted for a few hours before dropping back down to the negative teens F, but it did in fact occur. I have photographic evidence and poor photo shopping skills, so you know it's real!

I promise this isn't going to morph into a food-only blog, but here are some food photos. These are amusing at least to Dingo Dave and BT, and, furthermore, they reassure my mother that I am eating properly.

A decent enough lunch when I haven't time to prepare anything and don't feel like walking out in search of campus food--half an avocado, an apple, a tomato, a good chunk of cheese, and pilot bread from the stash in my desk drawer:

My neighbor gave me a jar of her homemade pepper sauce. When I opened it up, it smelled somehow East Indian to me, so I cooked it up with eggplant, then tossed in some tofu for protein and some cilantro and green onions because, why not? With the tofu, and over brown rice, it looked very hippie to me, so I had to take a photo to maintain my Berkeley and Ester cred:

My dinner last night, which I planned while talking to my adorable niece over the phone--veggies and potatoes, drizzled in olive oil, and chicken thighs stuffed with lemon slices and garlic cloves.


(I was about to crop this photo, but then realized that I'm proud of my kitchen detritus.)


And see now I've got leftovers, too!

Oh, and here is a photo of my favorite campus ice bear, when he first went up:


Rena said...

Yum, roasted lemons are delicious. There's a SF lady that makes roasted lemon hummus and sells it to our local Whole Foods. It's really yummy - just a faint hint of bitterness. I tried making it at home but my backyard lemons are too thickskinned and have too much white pith - it was a bitter failure.
Was surprised to read that your neighbor makes pepper preserves - surely she cannot grow peppers all the way up there? I can hardly grow them down here in Ca!

Arvay said...

Oh mais ouis! Some ambitious gardeners grow peppers, although they are quite greenhouse-dependent. Last year, my CSA farmer made the exciting choice to select a sweet pepper and a hot pepper that looked virtually identical. I had some unexpectedly lively meals indeed!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

(I was about to crop this photo, but then realized that I'm proud of my kitchen detritus.)

Good on ya!

The eggplant curry looks great! So do the chooks.

Mmmmm, food... drool...