Sunday, February 26, 2012

A few changes around here

I've added a very loose commenting policy to my sidebar, to the right of this post. Please take a moment to read it. Thank you.

I've also moved my "let me know if you see your photo here and would like me to remove it" statement from my profile to the top of the page.

Then I changed the template, because it was getting kind of crowded, so now I think it's easier to read. Blogger offered me like 17.8 bajillion options. I chose the first one on the first screen that looked neat and tidy.

Maaaaan, I can't believe that there are enough of you people now (like, fourteen at last count), that I have to manage you! ;)


mdr said...

Your 14 readers including JE? I know he reads before me, no surprise, if I were on iphone 24/7, I might read before yourself :-)

flying fish said...

Love the new look, love the furry dog toes, 10 years old for a bunny?! Samba indeed!