Friday, February 17, 2012

Your Dose of Fairbanks Reportage

1) Breaking News! A pheasant has over-wintered at Creamer's Field. There is a photo of said pheasant. He's really pretty. Yes, yes, this was on the front page of the Minor News. Why do you ask?

2) The other evening, I attended the ribbon cutting for the first new building to house the Alaska Center for Energy and Power. Since this is Fairbanks in February, huddling outside in the cold for a ceremony before a literal ribbon cutting to enter the building was out of the question, so we were ushered inside immediately, and a ceremonial ribbon was cut inside.

A lot of hot-shots were there, including UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers, Pat Jacobson, the chair of the University of Alaska Board of Regents, Senator Lesil McGuire, and ACEP director Gwen Holdmann.

When the giant ceremonial scissors failed to cut (form over function!), pocket knives were whipped out of every pocket. I love engineers and Alaskans, and Alaskan engineers just double up the awesomeness!

I was also present at their groundbreaking, so it was nice to see the first finished building.

3) Here are photos of my fuzzies. Aren't they fuzzy?

I love fuzzy!

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