Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The price one pays for crossing me...

The other night, I woke up to being strangled by my own braid. Not acceptable. I decided it was time for my approximately triennial haircut. The last time this occurred, I was with my ex partner Dan, who did this for me. The time prior, BT did it. Obviously, neither of these options was feasible so, for the second time in my life, I paid a professional human to cut my hair.

I feel light as a bird! I'm sending it, as usual, to Locks of Love.

I've seen a lot of unfavorable press about them, even so harsh as to call them a 'scam'. However, their BBB report looks fine to me, and they have a passable Charity Navigator rating. The only creditable words I've heard against them concern the fact that they sell hair that they cannot use to commercial wigmakers to help offset costs. This is something they clearly state on their website, and I don't see why it's a problem. Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program and Wigs for Kids have both been suggested as alternatives, but the word "scam" also appears with their names in the top google hits.

Frankly, I find the criticisms against Locks of Love to range from mild to nonsensical, and I don't have time to read up on and compare the three charities, so, whatever. I'm finishing up lab work, writing a thesis, looking for a job, skijoring, and maximizing cuddle time with three fuzzy critters. All of these things are far more important than researching where to send my hair trimmings.


Christy M said...

It looks bee-u-tee-ful! I'm glad sleeping won't be a threat to your life anymore. ;) Digging the new blog layout!

mdr said...

You look beautiful and more professional with the shoulder length hair. I still remember the Philipino bank teller at Parkmerced referred you as " the little girl with the most beautiful hair" I am sure many people in need have enjoyed your silky hair.