Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Now we're talking!

A weather record! January 2012 went down as the fifth-coldest January on record in Fairbanks.


The average temperature for the month at Fairbanks International Airport was was 26.9 degrees below zero, which was two-tenths of a degree colder than January 1969, according to a statement released by the National Weather Service on Wednesday...

Though no daily temperature records were broken in Fairbanks, the average temperature was 19 degrees below normal for the month.

As I very eloquently stated several times over the past six weeks, "Holy sh*tballs".

There were 18 total days during the month when the low temperature was 40 below or colder and another nine when the low was in the 30s below.

That means that 27 out of 31 days were, to paraphrase a bit of eloquence from my sister, butt-ass cold.

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