Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hangin' out

Linden looks very ladylike. Autumn, as usual, looks like she is cringing. I don't beat her up, I swear!


Allmycke said...

If I try to take pictures of Loki inside the house, he'll turn down his ears (to look really miserable???) so he's only being photographed outside.
From what you've written earlier, I know these two pooches have the best of homes!

flying fish said...

It's the giant eye (camera lens) staring down at the doggie thing. My old dog used to wake from a sound sleep to stare down the monster eye.

Ned Rozell said...

Hi Arvay;

Ned Rozell here. I'm writing a story on Dave Sentman and wondered if I could borrow a few of your words.


Arvay said...

I'm a-gonna be famous!

Anonymous said...

Where's Miss Millie Bun?? I demand a third fuzzy. :)

mdr said...

You wrote very well about that professor, it was like a movie playing in front of my eyes about him when I was reading your article. You know what I mean.