Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lowering the Bar for Vanity

When I bought my first Carhartt pants, I was well aware that I was teetering on the edge of a slippery slope, but I wore them around town. When I bought an insulated Carhartt jacket to do yard work, I swore that I would never wear it into town, just around the neighborhood. When that didn't last, I made a new rule--I could wear the Carhartt jacket into town, but only if I didn't wear it with the Carhartt pants and walk around looking like a giant turd. Then--sigh--it got too darned cold, and I let that rule slide. My new rule is, when I wear the Carhartt jacket with the Carhartt pants, I must make an honest effort to look decent in every other possible way. Generally, this means pretty earrings, tinted lip balm, and combing my hair. The end result?

Well, I'm warm.


Rena said...

When I lived in Wisconsin, the older women (above student age and thus old to my young eyes) would often wear puffy quilted down jackets that went down to their knees, sometimes farther. I remember thinking they looked like giant oven mitts.

Are all Carhartt products brown?

My opinion is that as long as you're comfy and warm, who cares!?

flying fish said...

I screen printed a flower on my insulated turd jacket... at least I can tell it from all the others at a party!

TwoYaks said...

@FF: When I've been down in SE, I've been invited to two X-tra tuff decorating parties, now. Maybe Bethel and Fairbanks need to get in on it with a Carhart decorating party. ;)

Arvay said...

FF, that's a great idea! I should totally decorate my turd jacket!

Arvay said...

@Rena: I think there is psychological benefit to feeling good about yourself, and also to having adornment around you. Like in FF's example: no-one will say that a print on your jacket will make it flatter you more, but it will make you smile every time you see it!

I think the standard Carhartt line also comes in blue denim, but I think head to toe blue denim sounds even worse than head to toe turd color!

flying fish said...

Speaking of the Tuffs, our local source got its first shipment of Chinese made boots. It's sad, the soles are much harder and likely to be slippery, stock up while you can!

Yeah...mine are decorated a little so I don't end up with the wrong boots.

Decorating your turd jacket is easy! A little embroidery floss, a little acrylic paint or even a patch or an iron on!

Head to toe blue Carhartt might look a little more convict than turd!