Thursday, January 12, 2012

Your dinner tells a lot about you...

So here we have my latest single girl meal:

Truly multicultural meal:
Soup comprised of chicken broth with spinach, tomatoes, and a squirt of sesame oil
Reindeer sausage with insanely fancy-pancy French mustard, hand carried from its farm by BT
Brie with bread
Ravenswood zin blend (my house wine)

Reading material for the short attention span:
Physics Today
Bat World's quarterly publication
Kate Vaiden, a recommendation from BT.


Rena said...

I was with ya until the reading material!
Looks yummy. Needs sauerkraut.

Arvay said...

You should totally read Batworld. It's got the cutest photos ever!

mdr said...

Very nutritious and balanced :-)No worries from me about your meals.

mdr said...

Is the spinach locally grown in the winter? It looks soooo very fresh or you have a good camera or this computer has very good resolutions.

bt said...

That looks delicious *and* fun!