Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Ice Sculptures have Begun to Appear!

The big bear at the Southeast entrance to campus appeared at some point over the past weekend, and the others are sure to come soon.

I love this guy. Thank you for my present, Mr. Bear!


KC said...

I saw them making it earlier this week. They'll have all the upper campus ones done a bit after all the undergrads are gone.

I really love the sculptures. :)

Ishmael said...

You're lucky! I can't even stop the ice cubes in my gin and tonic from melting, and you get life size polar bear ice sculptures.

Then again I don't have to wear bunny boots down here.

Arvay said...

I've never seen one of the campus ice sculptures in progress... I wondered if they were sneaky on purpose!

I don't wear bunny boots either. I don't see why people who aren't outdoors standing still should have to. They sound disgusting--no breathability. Smelly feet. Ew!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Warmest boots EVER! And if you break through some ice or overflow and the get filled with icy cold water, you feet will STILL stay warm.

They are a bit heavy, but that's good excersize for the hip flexors.

Ishmael said...

Dingo Dave is right: Warmest Boots Ever. Just bring extra socks.