Friday, December 26, 2008

Photos from here and there

The Christmas eve clean-out-the-fridge snacks reminded me how much of a San Franciscan I am. No matter what race or culture a San Franciscan appears to be on the surface, we are all at least a bit Chinese, Italian, and Mexican, to name just three components of our culinary and cultural heritage.

Dogpile! Linden and Sam are best buds. I think Linden appreciates having another dog around who is as silly as herself. The two of them take turns out-sillying each other while Autumn generally watches from a distance.

Isn't Sam cute? Sometimes, I don't want to give her back to her parents.

In symmetry, beauty:

Sam being cute:


Max R. said...

I hear ya on Asian and Itialian food in the Bay area, but it falls way short in terms of Mexican food.

Hmmm.... I could use a Pollo Adobado burrito come to think of it... must go to Albertos...

Christy said...

I love it when the pups sleep with their back paws all up in front of them! :D

Anonymous said...

I completely agree on the Chinese, Italian, Mexican trifecta, except, not being Chinese, I would argue that it's more general "asian" with strong vietnamese and japanese influences if you have my background. Regardless, you can't argue with the strength of those three groups in the culture and food of the bay area. Sure, we can't compete with San Diego when it comes to Mexican food, but pick a Mexican state/province and I will find you a restaurant (or taco truck) in the bay area that specializes in it. From the unclouded holiday perspective of the South (as in the "War of Northern Agression"), I can promise you, the Mexican influence is *very* strong in the bay area of California and you are totally correct in your identification of the signposts. I'm not homesick yet, 'cause I'm too full, but I'm headed that direction.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Mmmmmmmmm... leftovers... drool...

There's very good Asian down here, pretty much any country you could think of. Some very good authentic Italian too and some amazing Greek.

Mexican in Oz? Surely you jest! Heck they think margaritas should have lemon juice instead of lime juice and they have NO idea how to make good guacamole.