Friday, July 5, 2013

And the heat breaks...

Thank goodness! I felt like I was gonna die! It finally started to cool down, and last night, the final nail went into the coffin of this heat wave with a rain storm.

This morning I packed up three little girls and took them for a quick hike on Murphy Dome. It was lovely, with storm clouds dancing in an otherwise ultra-blue sky.

These poor daisies looked quite beaten-up, but maybe this is what natural, undomesticated daisies look like?

Stopped at a pretty spot for a snack and snapped some photos.

The fireweed is juuuust starting to bloom up there:

In our neighborhood, it's already everywhere. I love it! I'm still amazed that a flower so beautiful is so common!

Minto Flats:

When I dropped TB off at home, I went through the garden to pick out a nice selection of greens for my lunch sammich. That's what's great about a garden--you aren't committed to an entire lettuce or an entire chard or whatever. I could have four chard leaves, four lettuce leaves, six radishes, and twelve turnip leaves, and that's exactly what I wanted in my lunch!

In other news, Yay for elderly active dogs!


mdr said...

Finally cooler here too.

soaringfish said...

So glad it's cooled off enough to hike and run and play! It was hot here for a couple of weeks, too much.

Randall said...

This is gorgeous!