Monday, July 22, 2013

Tough day in the office

Autumn and Linden and I, we have some tough days in the office, but someone's gotta live 'em, I guess.


Rena said...

I'm surprised that not-official-support dogs are allowed at the office. Noone's allergic over there?
Also, that sure is a nice way to spend lunch!

Arvay said...

Alaska would be a very difficult place to live with dog allergies! Even if you avoided all dogs, all of your friends and colleagues would be covered with dog hair all the time.

I was asked whether I had dogs at my interview. When I said yes, their faces lit up and they informed me that all of the employees here had dogs. :)

Rena said...

What a funny interview question, ha ha! You can't ask if the candidate has any kids, or a spouse, but you CAN ask about doggies!
When we went to your feed store near the University, we were amused to see that half the store was dog stuff, with a very very tiny section for kitties. We guessed that cats are probably bear/wolf food over there.

mdr said...

A beautiful bridge that I have not been on.

Arvay said...

If you look closely, you'll see that that's not a bridge; it's the oil Pipeline!