Monday, July 8, 2013

What I'd grab if I had to run

Please feel free to steal and edit. If you think of other items, please let me know! We could save each other's lives!

Things that live in the car already:
wool blanket
birch bark
warm coat
snow pants
insulated gloves
tie-down straps
jumper cables
duct tape
first aid kit
tire repair kit
general tool kit
hand warmers
Clif bars
water (seasonal)

Things that live in my daypack that I hike with (already easy to grab and go):
(not all of these are necessary for a bug-out bag, but I'm sure as heck not going to remove things from this bag!)
Extra pair of socks
Sun hat
Fuzzy hat
blue windbreaker in its own sack
snot rags
dog snacks
Dr. Bronner's
sunblock stick
lip balm
extra mittens
dog booties
snare wire cutter
swiss army knife or leatherman
first aid kit
pink flagging material
emergency drinking water germicidal tablets
emergency space blanket
matches in waterproof canister
birch bark
mirror for signaling
old-fashioned wooden pencil
dog bowl
bug dope

Things I would need to grab at the last minute:
Dogs and any other living creatures that happen to be present
Purse and all contents
Another blanket
Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad
passport, cash
Axe, hatchet, knives
(lots) more food
(lots) more water
spare clothes
sturdy boots
garbage bags
toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
emergency kit from mum :)

And then I'd probably just grab my whole box of camping stuff, which contains a stove, fuel, a mess kit, tea, instant oatmeal, Tang, a steripen, more lighters, more matches, a saw, a trowel, and a bunch of other stuff that might prove useful.

It appears that I would have five first aid kits, along with about twenty boxes of matches, ten lighters, three hatchets, an axe, four knives, and a Shiseido lipstick. Ahhh... life!


mdr said...

Don't be surprised if nobody adds more. The list is for people to move household. It is a good list for others to refer to though. How are you going to put all together if an emergency?

Arvay said...

mdr, did you even read the post?

90% of that stuff is already packed. That's what "emergency preparedness" IS; it's being packed BEFORE an emergency. Don't you have an earthquake kit? It's assembled BEFORE an emergency, right?

I just have some overlap and duplicates because I am a hiker, and always have my hiking bag ready to hike. And the hiking bag has its own emergency supplies. The point is, in a real evacuation scenario, I'd rather just grab my prepacked hiking bag than sort through it and pull out duplicates at the last minute, because time would be of essence, and if I'm in my car, space will not be at a premium (I could always sort and throw out stuff later).

Anyway, if you had read the post, you would have noticed that the first two list headings are:

"Things that live in the car already"


"Things that live in my daypack that I hike with (already easy to grab and go)"

Only about a dozen items are on the last list, which is:
"Things I would need to grab at the last minute"

This is not "for people to move household". It is what I consider to be a rather minimal evacuation list that includes water, food, shelter, first aid, fire, and safety equipment. And this is not just for "Alaskan bush survival." I would not significantly trim this list if I lived in a city.

Arvay said...

See photos of my car kit here:

Let me re-iterate that the stuff is already in my car! :)

mdr said...

I meant items in "things you need to grab the last minute", but it is better to be more complete than less complete and some items you just don't have double or cannot leave in the car.

Another item is the evacuation route. I think I knew it where I am, maybe.

Arvay said...

You think that that last list is prohibitively long?

What on it would you cut, exactly? I wouldn't feel comfortable going without any of it...

soaringfish said...

Something like this so you don't have to carry fuel.

You have a great pre-packed kit, I'm impressed!

Arvay said...

That is really cool!

My camping stove is this:

MSR stoves are great! They even work in the rain! I don't trust the ones that come with their own igniters, though. I am a fan of matches and lighters, not new-fangled sparky-thingies!

Well, anyway, since all of my camping stuff is in a box anyway, I figured I'd just grab it if I had to run. I'd have a lot of superfluous stuff, but I could toss it later. OR I might appreciate the superfluous stuff as luxuries! Plates! Sporks! Hot cocoa powder! A knife sharpener!

My purse has even MORE superfluous stuff, including the aforementioned lipstick, multiple USB sticks, a bunny finger puppet, a hair comb, etc.

mdr said...

The most important item is a good working car during evacuation.