Monday, July 1, 2013

Notes from here and there

First, photos from a lazy Sunday:

Poor Autumn. So stressed out about the state of world affairs...

Linden supervises my activities:


Sammich time!

Mmm... sigh. You know, I'm not good at many things, but I do make a damned fine sammich.

Top o' the Minor News. This is bona-fide front-page news, folks:

The most problematic local fire is still being fought. It's about 40% contained.

Borough clerk retires.

Popular mosquito repellent company out of business.

Top o' the Alaska Dispatch:
Mosquitoes suck.


Rena said...

I've never figured out the whole sandwich thing. I mean, I'll eat 'em (I'm not picky), but given the choice I'd much rather have fried rice or a bowl of leftover soup for lunch. Dave and A1 love their sandwiches. I -do-, however, agree with your proportion of veggies to meat/cheese.

Also, very sorry to see Sammy-the-dog go. A2 says "aw, I liked that dog - he knew how to fetch!"

Arvay said...

Take your fried rice and put it between two slices of bread!

mdr said...

Let me know if you are out of repellent? Please do not wait until all gone.