Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why it took me slightly longer to bond with Linden than with Autumn

Linden is very social and loves to be near people. When I first got her, I confused this with affection and thought that she had bonded very quickly to me.

However, I came to realize that Linden didn't love me, in particular. Linden loved everyone. In fact, more than once, we'd cross paths with another group of people and dogs on the trail, and she'd go off with them.

Calling her back seemed to confuse her.

However, she'd stop and consider why a group of people was shouting her name.

After a few minutes, a light would dawn.

And her cogs would click into place.

And we'd have Linden back

This, my friends, is why Linden was never a lead dog. She knows her commands, but she's not quite there all the time. But, I love her, and, after over five years, I think she loves me, too, and realizes her home is with us.


mdr said...

Like Guyhm, Linden is happy anywhere with anyone. Good drawing.

Vanessa said...

LOL That's precious. Love the furry ones.