Monday, July 29, 2013

Dawson report, part III

Part I here and part II here.

The local cemetery is very picturesque:

We climbed up to a local outlook spot. It was beautiful, but revealed how the beautiful town is so well-maintained. Mining is still active and profitable:

Postcard-perfect photo:

Looking upriver:

And downriver:

The picturesque town has preserved its gold rush heritage, with wooden boardwalks and period architecture. Homes and businesses in the main section of town are required by law to maintain their historicity and good looks:

Autumn and Linden lounging about while we humans have supper at the restaurant's outdoor seating:

Cute dawg:

Autumn and Linden cuddle at camp:

View from the barge:

Camping at Moon Lake on our way home. It wasn't as beautiful as it normally is. A windstorm in Sept 2012 has brought down about 80-90% of trees in the local area. The local foresters have been very busy dealing with the dead and downed trees and the associated fire risks! Also, the lake had flooded its banks, submerging several campsites.

It rained a bit while we slept, and the lake was higher in the morning:

It's still a gorgeous lake. I had my first bath in three days!

Homeward bound!

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