Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Veggies for the week

Best. Salad. Ever.

Over the long weekend, I took a few hours to do All the Maintenance, so I checked the car's fluids and tires, rubbed leather conditioner into my boots, charged the power tools' batteries, sharpened the knives and axes, rubbed oil into the wooden spoons and cutting boards, combed the dogs (of course), combed coconut oil into my hair and rubbed paw pad salve into my hands and feet (I totally have paws, so it's legit), clipped my toenails, repaired my sagging dresser, pulled weeds, etc, etc.

While doing so, I couldn't help but notice that even simple little Arvay actually possessed some items of beyond-mere-function beauty. I mean, look at my salad servers. Gorgeous olive wood:

When and where did I get those??

I do remember ordering this koa wood comb:

In 2003 (apparently; thank you gmail indefinite archiving!), I wanted a wooden comb because my hair got staticky when I used a plastic comb or brush, so I found this guy on the internet who hand-carved beautiful wooden combs out of decorative hardwoods. He said he'd engrave it, so what would I like? I thought about it and told him, "Fiat Lux"--Let there be light, the motto of my University of California.

Then I started thinking about objects in general, and about how even I can get attached to some of them. I had the post nearly composed in my head, and looked forward to sharing it with all nine of my loyal readers...

And then I heard about the evacuation order, and thought about what I'd grab if I had to run. And then old Arvay's pragmatism came back in a heartbeat. Would I seriously have my heart broken if I had to leave behind my salad servers? My comb? Even my beautiful Italian-made boots?

Hmmmm... I'm gonna go with nope. I guess that's the beauty of moving every several years, four of those moves having been 3000 miles; you can't get that attached to stuff. It's very liberating.


mdr said...

My attachments are cds, NEVER anything else.

Rena said...

Oooh, bitter greens! I had no idea that wooden combs would reduce static in hair. Good to know! And what, pray tell, is paw salve? Because after a summer of gardening and running around barefoot, my hands and feet will sand wood!

Arvay said...

@mdr, you like music and software that much?


@Rena, click the link. That is just my favorite kind, but there are many many kinds of paw salve, and almost every one I've seen has been natural and tree-hugger approved. :) Just put "paw salve" into google. Dog skin care products are often better than human ones because they have no perfumes or dyes.